Triathlon Training Camp


Training for and completing an Olympic or Half Ironman distance triathlon is a challenging and rewarding endeavor.  To help you prepare, the professional coaches at Fleet Feet, Power Up Cycling and Swim Theory have created a triathlon training program that coincides with Fleet Feet’s Summer/Fall half and full marathon training program and leverages each organization’s knowledge and experience in the three disciplines. The program includes:

  • 1 coached, indoor training session per week at Power Up Training Center;
  • 2 coached Fleet Feet workouts per week;
  • Additional group training opportunities available each week;
  • Customized triathlon-specific training plans;
  • 3 private Swim Theory swim technique coaching sessions;
  • Discounts on a professional bike fit.


Why choose this program?

Track Record of Success

Fleet Feet’s proven program has served nearly 10,000 half marathoners.  Over the past 10 years, participants have  given the program an average rating of 4.8 stars (out of 5) and more than 90% have completed their goal race.

Power Up Cycling has trained all ages and skill levels of triathletes from first timers to national and world champions.  By tracking metrics such as power, heart rate and cadence, we ensure you are making the most efficient use of your training time and making real, measurable progress.

Swim Theory has proven methods to improve swim technique for all stroke types and ages.  Using a swim video analysis system, their coaches provide immediate feedback on points for improvement and effectiveness, corrective drills and form adjustments.  They have a 4.9 of 5 rating from beginners to competitive swimmers and triathletes.


Experienced, Professional Coaching

Our  Fleet Feet, Power-Up and Swim Theory coaches assess each participant’s current fitness, skill level and goals to ensure participants train at an appropriate level.



We take pride in helping participants gradually and safely improve their fitness levels.  Our mission is to help clients move more comfortably and perform better at every athletic stage of their journey.


Our Community is Vast

You won’t be alone!  Our experienced mentors offer support and motivation to athletes across a wide variety of athletic ability.


Details of the Program

Start date:

  • Half-Ironman group – 27 June (14 weeks)
  • Olympic distance group – 11 July (10 weeks)


Coached workouts:

  • Run – Tuesday evenings
  • Run – Saturday mornings
  • Bike/Brick – Thursday evenings at Power Up Cycling


Additional group workouts:

  • Group training rides – Sunday mornings – location TBD


Target races:

  • 10 Sept – Litchfield, IL (Olympic and 70.3)
  • 11 Sept – Wisconsin 70.3
  • 18 Sept – Carlyle Lake, IL (Olympic and 70.3)
  • 1 Oct – Muncie 70.3, Memphis 70.3



$500 for Olympic distance program
$550 for Half IM program.