Power Up Challenge p/b Axes Physical Therapy Foundation


Earn money for your PTC account!


What: The Power Up Challenge is a scavenger hunt-type event sponsored by the Axes Physical Therapy Foundation.  Power Up has marked a 36 mile course (see below) that starts at Big Shark West / Power Up Cycling and goes through Chesterfield and Wildwood covering much of the Pedal the Cause Big Hitter route.

Link to RidewithGPS course

How it works:  The goal is to identify the number associated with each of the 12 identified course markers on the course Cue Sheet.  For each course marker found, you get 1 point.  There are 4 bonus course markers on the course not identified on the Cue Sheet.  These are each worth 3 points.  The cyclists that find the most course markers (i.e., have the highest points total) earn money for their Pedal the Cause accounts.  In the case of ties, the cyclist who turned the Cue Sheet in first will win the award.

This is a self-guided ride.  Get a group of PTC friends together and see how much money you can raise for Pedal the Cause!


Awards: 1st: $1000, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $500, 4th – $500, 5th – $500


When:  Cyclists will have from Friday, 19 August through Sunday, 21 August to find the course markers.  Completed Cue Sheets need to be scanned and emailed to stltraining@powerupcycling.net no later than Wednesday, 24 August.  Please keep in mind the tie-breaker is when the Cue Sheet was turned in.

Registration: All cyclists have to be registered Pedal the Cause participants and must register for the Challenge.

Questions: Contact Power Up Cycling at stltraining@powerupcycling.net


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