Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Cindi specializes in providing individual nutrition recommendations and advice based on each person’s health, goals, training, and usual eating habits.  She emphasizes mindfulness and accountability to keep each athlete’s eating habits on track to support high quality training; which ultimately leads to more PRs (personal records) and podiums.

Initial 30 minute consultation – FREE

Discuss goals, strategies to meet them.  Receive directions for food journal (for assessment)


Nutrition Assessment

You will receive a comprehensive computerized diet analysis based on the information you provide.  This analysis will be used to:

  • Assess your energy and nutrient needs for peak training and performance
  • Assess your current hydration in regards meeting the needs of your training
  • Discuss unique dietary changes/strategies to meet your overall nutritional requirements
  • Recommend personalized pre-, during, and post- exercise fueling
  • Provide guidance on any supplement you may need or want to take

Price: $200


Follow up

Up to 4, 30-minute sessions per month, depending on need (recommend a minimum of 2).  These will help you stay on track and discuss any setbacks that possibly have occurred.  Follow up is probably one of the most important parts to help you achieve your goals.  These visits, whether through phone or in person, are an integral part of maintaining your new diet and training routine.

Price: $45.00/session



This can occur any time within one year of your first assessment.  This meeting will include a review of your updated diet analysis based on your changed diet and new goals and strategies to help you meet your new goals will be discussed.

Price: $100

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