Lactate Threshold Testing

Using a lactate analyzer, we will evaluate your current fitness and determine what areas you should be focusing on in training and what your current training zones are. Unlike a solely power-based fitness test, this test results in a profile of the energy system and fuel (fats or carbohydrates) you are using at specific power outputs.

Each test is followed by a consultation and discussion of the results.

Price: $150

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Power Up Professional Bike Fit

Power Up’s proprietary fit methodology is based on years of refinement and experience fitting some of the world’s top cyclists. Power Up uses a Retül motion capture system and focuses on optimizing how the rider engages their bike to maximize performance and comfort. Each fitting includes a professional analysis of your cleat position, pedaling style and overall form on the bike.

Cycling is a dynamic activity. A dynamic bike fit is, therefore, the best way to optimize a rider’s position on the bike.

Price: $300

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Coaching Consultation

Looking for answers to some specific training questions?  Looking for input on a training plan?  Wondering what you should be doing to get in shape for a specific event?  Power Up offers coaching consultation services to address all types of cycling and multi-sport related questions.

Rates varying based on engagement.

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Private Group Training

Power Up offers private group training sessions either as a one-time event or as an on-going series of classes.  Special pricing is available for groups of 8 or more.

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Endurance Sessions

These sessions are 3 hours in length and are held on Sundays during our fall / winter season.  They can also be scheduled as a private group training session on a race course of your choosing.

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Nutrition Counseling

Evidence-based Nutrition Counseling with Cindi Inman, MS, RD, LD.

$100 per session.

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Mental Performance Consultation

For optimal performance, one needs to be prepared mentally as well as physically. Mental Performance Consultations are available with Dr. Chris Curran, EdD.

Initial assessment session – $150

One (1-hour session) – $100


  • 2 sessions /month – $200
  • 4 sessions/month – $400

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