Personal Coaching

Coaching is both science and art.  Every athlete responds to training differently.  There is no magic formula.  Each and every athlete is an individual and must be trained as one.  The keys to success are 1) communication between the athlete and the coach, and 2) how the coach adjusts the training based on how the athlete is responding.

“The Power Up Training System is based on my education and experience as an endurance coach for 30+ year.  It has produced champions at every level of the sports of cycling and triathlon.”
-Jim Schneider, Head Coach

Our team of professional coaches and consultants has multi-disciplinary experience coaching every level of cyclist and multisport athlete from beginners to world champions.  So, whether you are a road racer, mountain biker, gravel racer or triathlete, our team will work with you to build a training program based on YOUR fitness, experience, schedule and goals. 

We offer various levels of:

Because there is more to preparing for an athletic event than just physical training, we also offer:

For our multi-sport clients, we also offer swim coaching: