How it Works

Power Up Training Center is not a spinning studio.  Because we believe each person benefits by individualized training, we spend a substantial amount of time designing your specific workouts based on your fitness level and your goals.  We believe it is important that you use your own bike to optimize training.

Each time you come to Power Up for training, you should bring your cycling shoes and either bring or wear cycling clothing.  You should also bring a water bottle and, of course, your bicycle.   We will place your bicycle on the trainer for you and will remove it to a rack after the class is concluded.  After your first session, should you prefer the convenience of storing your bike at Power Up, we can provide this service.  We recommend that you arrive about 15 minutes before the start time of each class so we have time to set up your bike and you have time to change, put on your shoes, etc.

In the first session, you will ride a “trials” course.  The coach assigned to the class will ask you several times during the session about your perceived effort and will adjust the workout accordingly.  This class is free and is designed to give you an idea of how the training works and give us an idea of your general fitness level.   We will use this information at your second session, during which you will take a Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test.  That test will provide our coaches with information that we use to set your training zones.  These zones are used to create individualized training sessions for you.  The FTP test will be repeated periodically as you get stronger and progress toward your goals. 

Once your evaluation is complete, every time you come into Power Up you will be given a workout specifically designed for you based on your fitness, experience and goals.  Throughout the class, the coach checks on each person to ensure he or she understands their workout and is doing it as prescribed.  If an adjustment to the workout is needed our coaches are there to do it.