Cycling for Multisport

Cycling for Multisport



The bike leg of the triathlon is arguably where the biggest gains can be made with regard to reducing your overall time because it is the longest leg of the race (depending on the distance of the triathlon, the bike leg makes up 45% – 50% of the total race time).  This program WILL help you cut your bike time, GUARANTEED!

The program can be started at any time during the season.  The program is 6 weeks for Sprint and Olympic distance races and 8 weeks for ½ IM and full IM distance races.  The program includes:

  • Analysis of cycling fitness (including a lactate threshold test to determine physiologic training zones)
  • Analysis of pedaling dynamics
  • 50% discount on a Retül Professional Bike Fit
  • 3 bike workouts / week
  • Weekly review of training progress
  • Discussion on race day pacing strategy

Why choose this program?

Track Record of Success

Over the past 10+ years, Power Up Cycling has trained all ages and skill levels of multisport athletes, from 12 year olds to 80 year olds, and from first time triathletes to world and national champions.  By tracking metrics such as power, heart rate and cadence, we ensure you are making the most efficient use of your training time and making real, measurable progress toward your personal goals.

Each program is personalized

Based on the results of your initial fitness analysis, our coaches will put together a training program that specifically addresses your cycling weakness, does not compromise your training in the other disciplines and fits into your schedule.  Your training will be assigned week by week based on your weekly progress reviews.



6-week program – $300 / 8-week program – $500


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