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      Power Up Challenge for Pedal the Cause   Sponsored by Clark, Richardson & Biskup Consulting Engineers and Athletico Physical Therapy What:  The Power Up Challenge is a scavenger hunt-type event.  Power Up has marked a course (see below) that starts at Big Shark West/Power Up Cycling and […]

We are excited to be reopening on June 15th!  You will notice some changes to the facility and classes that are designed to keep you safe.  Here is what you can expect: To ensure we keep the number of people in the building within the St. Louis County Health Department […]

Every finishing sprint is actually two sprints.  The first one is for position and the second one is to the line.  Of the two, the first sprint is BY FAR the more important of the two.

In my last article, I discussed ways an athlete can refresh and strengthen his or her body in the off-season.  In this article I will discuss what an athlete can do to help refresh and refocus the mind in the off-season.